". Testing Four Phone Gadgets!-iFLEX
Testing Four Phone Gadgets!-iFLEX

Testing Four Phone Gadgets!-iFLEX

Welcome back, everyone. Presently today I'm taking a lookat four telephone assistants to check whether they truly work. That is the present video. (presentation music) So the present video is kindof a hodgepodge. Some were mentioned. One was promoted on Instagram. A couple I found on Amazon. So how about we begin with the first, the iFLEX. (chill music) Let's investigate iFLEX. Initially, it was 

simply calledthe FLEX, they added the "I" later. Yet, we should look at it. These are likewise availableat Walmart and Amazon. I trust I saw Amazonfor about $8.90. We have an entire bunchof various sorts here. So this is essentially a cellphone or tablet represent home work, travel. It's warmth resistant.Can even be utilized as a trivet. They have distinctive sizes,and these can be twisted for many designs. I'm not, I'm going to getinto it all the more later, yet you can do things like, similar to that for 

your telephone or two telephones. I don't have the foggiest idea. You can likewise bend one sideand snare it some place, as toward the rear of a headrest, put your gadget there. There's a great deal of employments for it. You know, I was out getting things done before and I thought I was goingto do my first iFLEX test. I was out and about,but I left the iFLEX at home. So I'm in my carport here. How about we simply imagine likeI'm not in my carport and I, a traveler sitin the secondary lounge of the vehicle on the excursion and we should perceive how we dowith the iFLEX as a telephone holder in the 

rearward sitting arrangement of the vehicle. Presently, I'd say the most well-known usefor the iFLEX from individuals utilizing itand from the special recordings would be in an attach formatholding a telephone. Once in a while, it's over a headrest, a few group may utilize iton an activity machine, however the present moment, I'm goingto put on the rear of this seat and seehow it really holds my telephone. Good. That appears to be pretty sturdy.Let's see. Is that going to hold? That appears as though it's muchsturdier than 

I expected to be. That is exceptionally strong. I must takethis out in the vehicle and drive aroundand perceive how it holds up. Another great thingabout this test is that I can't cheat, since I can't hold it set up. On the off chance that it falls, it falls. There's no halting it. There's no forestalling it. On the off chance that it falls, I can't stop it. I'm in the front seat.I can't see it. Yet, I haven't heard it tumble down yet, so that is a decent sign. Another utilization they for itis in the bureau. I think what they were showing isto have a snare like this. A snare on the base. Only sort of, kind ofclose the entryway on it. 

And afterward you can putyour telephone not too far off while you're utilizing a formula. I surmise that will work. You could put it therefore your oven in case you're taking a gander at a formula while you're cooking. Subsequent to scrutinizing their website,I was taking a gander at some alternate ways that they propose utilizing it. We should attempt a couple of them. One of them is similar to this. I suppose you put your phonein there like that to keep it out of the warmth. Perhaps you can restyour glasses on top. I presume? Okay. That is one. They sort of did one like this. Where they had two telephones. 

I surmise in case you're sittingacross from one another you can each utilization one. I surmise that may work. What about this one? I, I suppose you Could.it's, it's sort of extending a tad, since you need to sort of press it together. I believe it's a bit of a stretch. Perhaps something like the iFLEX small scale would be better. How about we see. Goodness perhaps. I don't feel like I haveto crush it as hard. It sort of still works. I surmise in case you're goingto get different iFLEX and you have a small scale, that could be valuable for it. I presume? It appears to not getcompletely level inevitably. You can get it sort of level ish. Yet, it is solid. It's actual solid. Last test I need to take a stab at thisis the, is a warmth test with a skillet. Perceive how it fills in as a trivet. And afterward wrap it up. Okay. iFLEX is supposedto be heat safe. I have this Hexclad container here. Only at present about over 400°. 

The iFLEX is 78°. How about we see. Simply going to put itright on there for a smidgen and see what occurs. I'll return a couple minutesand see what occurs. Okay. Here we go. Goodness, it sort of adhered to a tad. That is hot. It's extremely hot. In any case, no worn out. It didn't change shape. I thought perhaps it would level it out and didn't smooth it. I suppose that is acceptable? I do perceive how peoplewould like something like this. There's many uses for it. Following up, this has been requestedquite a bit.

 These are attractive telephone charging links. We should look at it. (chill music) in response to popular demand, these are attractive charging links. I'll simply pull one of these over here. There appear to be a lotof brands selling these. These... I have the JSTH brand. The cost shifts anywherefrom about $14-$20 for multi-pack of them. As should be obvious, it accompanies three unique tips, you have the USB,USB-C, and iPhone. These have been publicized online a ton. I've been mentioned thesequite a bit. They probably permit youto leave this connector in your telephone. Also, it's a lot simpler to connectyour link to your telephone. Thus, we'll perceive how that goes. It would appear that this specific packhas various lengths. This is a short one.This is longer. I can get one more in here.I'll need to... 

There's very little name here. I may haveto return and take a gander at the posting on Amazonand see what I really purchased. I realize I purchased a multi-pack, I simply didn't rememberall its specific sizes. Okay. I've had some requestsfor these. Presently, it accompanies three distinct tips. What's more, they're unquestionably attractive. These would be not difficult to lose.I, I dread that would be not difficult to lose, however allow me to see here. So I think this equitable goesinto your gadget.

 Thus, get my iPhone XS Max. I simply stick in there like that. And afterward, we attachthe, the attractive link. That is, it's as simple as that. It appears to be pretty strong.It's holding it up. There is somethingoddly fulfilling about that. The actual link feels normal quality. It appears as though it's as of now tangled. It came tangled. In any case, as with these tips,what am I going to do about these tips? What's more, 

I surmise the other problemis like say I need to listen some headphonesthat are not Bluetooth, I must take this out. Which... Alright. It's not very hard. OK. So let me plug this in and ensure it really worksas a charging link. I needed to continue on to the floor, since I couldn't reachfrom the table. Okay. It is charging. So they certainly work. Gracious and it's extremely appealing. It illuminates an exceptionally alluring blue tone. Allow me to turn the lights offand perceive what that looks like in obscurity. 

Gracious, exceptionally decent. Indeed, in any event, when it's not connected the telephone, it's actually lit. (laughs) I get it doesn't tell youwhen it's charging. It simply reveals to you when it's snared to control. Good. Appears to be really clear. I'm simply going to continue to utilize itand check whether I can accompany any extra advantages and disadvantages. There's very little to it.It just attractively connects your telephone. We'll check whether this becomesa master or a con being for all time inputinto your telephone. I don't have a clue. We'll see. Good. So after usingthese links for about seven days now, I do have one significantobservation. In the event that you utilize the port on your phonefor everything except charging, this probably won't be intended for you. 

Since you're goingto be taking these little connectors in and out and they areeasy to lose. I actually pay attention to old school wired earphones some of the time on my iPhone. That implies I haveto take that connector out, put it some place, simple to lose. In the event that you just utilize the portfor charging, it's in reality exceptionally helpful, very valuable. I figure it very well may be somethingto consider. This isn't 70s divider paneling.This is really a telephone screen magnifier. How about we investigate. (chill music) All right. This is a cell phone screen magnifier by this brand, which I'm noteven going to attempt to articulate. The way it worksis you open the cover, you crease it in reverse, pull out the focal point, change you point. I don't know what that progression implies. Cell phones silicone cushion base. 

And afterward you experiencedifferent video impacts. This is a 12-inch screen magnifier. It's an exceptionally appealing looking piece. So I think the way it worksis that you roll this up and there'sa magnet that holds it set up. Or on the other hand not. However, you essentially roll itin place, put your telephone there, and afterward it amplifies it. Apparently duplicates your screen size. Clearly, no batteries required, on the grounds that it's not electronic. This is... I paid $22 on this for Amazon. There's a ton of these like this.There aren't numerous that are profoundly evaluated. This was about the most elevated appraised one I could discover. Individuals on Amazonseem to either cherish this or disdain it. Sort of reminds meof the Magnivision I completed quite a while back. This I was not a major aficionado of. 

A lot more modest screen however. So I may haveto look at these two also. So in this collapsed position,it really looks sort of pleasant. In any case, does it truly work? It's a beautiful low-tech device.All you need to do is carry this out. Life the screen and there'sa little piece of phony wood right therethat goes into this score. What's more, this additionally forestalls itfrom sliding. You can't change the point. That is... There's one angleand that is it. And afterward you just restyour telephone in that general area.

 Also, the issue isyou had the opportunity to get the perfect point to really get the full advantage. On the off chance that I sit very far back,it really looks sort of enormous. Yet, I likewise have a ton of these... there's a great deal of streaks in there.Look at that. It sort of has an amplifying glasslook to it and the edges, it seems like the edgesare a smidgen out of center contrasted with the middle. Allow me to look at itto the Magnivision now. Magnivision's a lot more modest. The Magnivision does havea tad of change, it's additionally a lot more modest screen. Here's the 

Magnivision. That is how a lot, that is the amount you acquire. Here's the Amazon screen magnifier. I feel like the Amazon one is somewhat better. The two of them have streaks. You can really see outin my patio in both of these. So they're both pretty dirty. With the Amazon,you had the opportunity to sit directly before it to get the full advantage. Same with the Magnivision. Despite the fact that you can change it,you