". 14 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing
14 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

14 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

hey guys yep this is another set of gadgets you might be interested in there's something that   creators will definitely appreciate and something that will change your fitness and work routine   nice all the links to the products you'll find in the description below   did you know that the first robots were created by leonardo da vinci centuries ago and now you   can make a similar one by yourself this is a diy kit for assembling a wooden drawing machine once 

  you've completed it you'll be surprised at what it can do put a pin in the wooden hand and spin   the small wheel it'll make the whole wheel system rotate and you'll see how the machine is actually   drawing every kit includes four interchangeable discs for drawing different sketches you can also   choose the model design there's a robotic hand a skeleton arm and a medieval armor   these amazing machines from the 15th century won't leave anyone unfazed this cool flying toy is great for both kids and grown-ups you won't believe how many tricks you   can do with it touch the up button shake the toy and start playing thanks to its powerful propeller   and hand control technology you can throw it up into the air and it'll come back to you like a   boomerang or play with your friends and family throwing it to each other there are actually   thousands of tricks to perform bright leds allow you to play even in low light conditions and a   

special magic wand provides you with more control over the toy like changing its flying directions   and light modes oh and don't worry about dropping it the case is made of solid plastic so it's drop   resistant as for the rechargeable battery it lets you play for half an hour straight   nice this little gadget might be a game changer for everyone who cares about music quality   compact as it is this stick is able to convert all your digital audio to analog it works both   with windows and mac as well as mobile devices so you can either plug it into your usb port or   use any other adapter the 2.1 volt output lets you connect various types of amplifiers and headphones  

 everything works just fine virtually all audio formats are supported whether you play a youtube   video or lossless quality music the sound is as clear as it gets without any delays or distortion   the gadget also does a great job at reducing the noise coming from wi-fi bluetooth and cellular   networks nothing will stand between you and your music these ergonomic earbuds will be appreciated   not just by music lovers but by mobile gamers as well connect them to your phone and enjoy the  

 highest quality of sound whether you're listening to music or gaming and yes you can easily switch   from music to game mode whenever you like thanks to their noise cancellation technology you won't   get distracted by external sounds in the middle of the session you won't notice any latencies either   as for the stylish black case it provides 16 extra hours of power to your cyber pods   and the neon lights on the case and buds serve as battery level indicators this way   you'll always know how much is left that's 

a full immersion do you need quality lighting   for your photos and vlogs now first this light is extremely versatile featuring 20 various effects   the color temperature is adjustable from 2500k up to 9000k letting you set the needed atmosphere   

in addition the light supports hsi color control with over 350 colors to choose from   naturally the brightness is adjustable as well plus the detachable silicone diffuser helps to   make the light really nice and soft the package also includes a universal mount for all your   tripods and cameras despite the completely pocketable size the light will last up to   three hours 

on a full charge check the built-in screen for all your settings and battery status here we have a cool accessory for your macbook pro split it apart and it turns into a stand for your   devices but it also doubles as a multi-functional hub with every input you'll ever need just attach   it to your macbook and it's ready to go it has three usb 3.0 ports for data transfer while hdmi   will either extend or mirror your screen and let you enjoy watching films and sport matches in 4k   quality and if you need to connect other displays to your laptop there's a dual thunderbolt 3 port   it provides top data transferring speed and you can even charge your macbook while you work  

 an ethernet input is compatible with up to a thousand megabits per second speed networks so you   always have fast and stable internet and of course there's a 3.5 millimeter audio port for your mic   no matter how many wires you need this small device will make sure your macbook is more   efficient than ever here's another great device for those who can't imagine their life without   music this outdoor speaker is loud enough for your outdoor adventures and if you pair two of them   you'll get an outdoor stereo system connected to your phone via bluetooth or use a cable the   choice is yours and what's even better the de

vice is 100 water shock and dust proof   there's more the speaker also doubles as a case where you can store all your valuables   cool so you can carry it anywhere you like since its shape and handle allows you to do that the   2600 milliamp hour battery will last for 40 hours on one charge and a hidden usb will let you keep   your phone alive for a 

long time that's a bargain this box cutter is surprisingly functional yet   simple and safe to use due to its unique ergonomic design the handle is made of durable nylon and the   shape provides a steady grip while protecting your hand the slider reveals the 

ceramic blade which is   way more durable than steel and it's also safer for your fingers and when you're done the slider   will automatically hide it inside the tool as for durability the blade will last 10 times longer   compared to a metal one but if you need to change it there's a blade storage with some extra blades   in the rear handle the replacement will take you less than a minute and doesn't require any tools   at all you might also like this option it's just as safe and reliable yet it can easily fit in   your jeans pocket there's even an inbuilt magnet and a lanyard so you can always have it with you   huawei has made something 

special this time a bluetooth earphone that actually transforms into a   smart watch how cool is that the gadget is equipped with a 1.5 inch amo led screen that   displays all your notifications and incoming calls that's the coolest part when taking a   phone call you simply detach the gadget from the wristband and use it as an earphone the   dual mic noise cancellation along with smart audio software make sure you sound   perfectly clear and on top of that this is a great fitness companion the gadget is able to track your   blood saturation and real-time heart rate keep this thing on at night to get a detailed analysis  

 of your sleep routine and the stress tracking feature will take care of your mental health   almost all these features are also available in the basic b5 model for a more affordable price   although you do get a slightly smaller 1.1 inch screen with lower resolution as for the battery   life it's about 6 hours of talk time for the basic version and up to 8 hours for the high end one but   the design is almost identical both models are provided with a variety of replaceable bands   choose from leather silicone and metal and last but not least both versions are fully waterproof   no one likes flossing but this unique electric 

flosser is meant to change that it creates 12   000 sonic vibrations per minute quickly and efficiently cleaning between your teeth and it   also softly massages your gums without damaging them the device has an ergonomic handle that   resembles a toothbrush it gives you easy access to places that are usually hard to reach and to make   sure you won't miss flossing there's a smart led tracking technology to monitor your daily progress   the gadget is waterproof so you can even use it in the shower and with the magnetic mount   

you can put it on your mirror and always have it nearby the handle's aluminum and   replaceable floss heads are made of sustainable materials dental care has never been easier a tiny flashlight with pretty huge power let's check it out the whole gadget weighs hardly an   ounce although it's fully made of copper all it takes to turn the light on or off is a little   twist and most importantly this thing delivers 60 lumen output really impressive for its size thanks   to the high quality optical lens the beam is soft and perfectly balanced aside from that there's a   fluorescent reflector that makes it easier to find the flashlight in the dark the included   battery will give you up to 

25 minutes of use on one charge speaking of that the gadget comes with   a really neat usb charging accessory simply screw the charger to the base plug in the cord and wait   for the led light to turn green feel free to put this flashlight on your keychain and use it in any   conditions this thing is dust and waterproof your old bulky flashlight can now retire turn your regular watch into a cool goth style accessory all you need is this creepy skull   clip or even several ones at a time there are plenty of design options to choose from   featuring various materials acrylic titanium and zirconium and the inlays are slightly different   

as well you get to choose between brass and cooper nickel actually all models look great   what's more the clips are really lightweight so they won't feel uncomfortable on your hand   well naturally the metal versions are a bit heavier the clips universal size lets you use   them with all types of watches including the smart ones as well as your backpack straps now you're  

 living the rock star life this fidget spinner actually looks like another stylish accessory   it stands out with an unusual shape and premium materials there are several materials to choose   from including titanium brass and stainless steel along with that semi-transparent acrylic model   

and you'll definitely appreciate the huge variety of colors from classic silver to the vivid blue   you can make the spinner even more eye-catching by installing colorful luminous beads also the center   part is actually removable so you can wear this thing on your finger while spinning it cool you   might also attach the spinner to the special rod transforming it into a nice little maze and here's   another great model that you should check out the design here is slightly different but it's no less  

 unique and versatile you can transform the spinner into a ring in a couple of seconds although it   comes in several colors and finishes this aged copper version looks almost like an antique   both spinners are completely pocketable so you can keep them at hand for the most stressful moments